Offshore Structural Engineer (v1403603) – RJ

Offshore Structural Engineer (v1403603)

Empresa : Wood Group

Job Overview

Offshore Structural Engineer (v1403603)

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Rio de Janeiro / RJ / BR

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Data de expiração:

08 de Outubro de 2016


The Offshore Structural Engineer is reporting to the Project Manager and is responsible for the development of structural engineering studies and design.


Perform layout, structural configuration development, analysis, and design of structural items of major size and and complexity (such as decks, skids, modules, and jackets).

Perform tasks necessary to ensure complete designs (such as varying geotechnical and metocean data; preparing project specifications; coordinating with verification agencies to get design certified; resolving construction and installation issues)

Conducts engineering cost, feasibility, and planning studies analyzing customer needs and data including researching, investigation, and coordination with other engineers and providing recommendations to the client.

Support project management personnel with regular reporting, scheduling, staffing planning and coordination

Check Engineering calculations as well as check all drawings in accordance with industry codes and standards; Assign tasks to and supervise the work of less senior personnel

Coordinate with Structural Department to assure quality of work and ensures that consistent technical content is maintained for drawing and design packages throughout the project.


Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering;

Candidate should worked in the Oil & Gas Industry, with experience in Floating Production Unit (FPU) design from conceptual to detail design;

Knowledge of Engineering Codes and Standard applicable to the discipline;


Rio de Janeiro (Centro);

Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ


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