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Brazil-Sao Paulo-Sao Paulo

Descrição da vaga

Purpose Of Role:

The role holder carries out research and/or provides professional support and advice to a business unit or units, within a particular emphasis on contentious law and/or commercial issues arising in complex and multi-jurisdiction transactions. He/she provides an advisory service to a defined area of the business, advising on developments or changes to relevant laws and their impact on the business. In certain LoBs, subject to the approval of the General Counsel, the role holder may act as a single point of contact, by providing advice or, where appropriate, making executive decisions on the legal impact of commercial matters, or the commercial implications of legal advice. He/she may be responsible for advising on specialist matters affecting BT, with particular emphasis on commercial issues arising in complex and multi-jurisdiction transactions for a defined area of the business.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To represent the company in complex, frequently multi-jurisdiction, contract negotiations with customers, distributors or suppliers.
  • To identify commercial risks arising either from proposed deals or product development/expansion, providing appropriate solutions/alternatives.
  • To create and maintain terms and conditions for all products and services to meet business requirements.
  • To work across business units within the LOB, understanding the legal aspects of problems that arise and dealing with them in an efficient way.
  • To negotiate and conclude business transactions on behalf of BT on terms that are acceptable to the business.
  • To anticipate legal developments relevant to the business and provide advice on their impact.

Business Impact:

  • Advises on legal matters within a business unit. Required to act as the company’s representative in legal proceedings.

Authority/Decision Making:

  • Responsible for his/her own caseload and largely works independently ensuring compliance with a Senior Lawyer.
  • Cases of complex, sensitive or strategic nature may escalate to a Senior Lawyer.


  • Qualified lawyer or equivalent experience, and/or with a recognised professional qualification.

Skills/Experience :

  • Will have knowledge and relevant experience in commercial issues, covering a range of activities.


  • Portuguese (Required)
  • English (Required)
  • Spanish (Highly Desireable)
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