Chief Brand & Marketing Innovation Officer – Brasilia/DF

Chief Brand & Marketing Innovation Officer



Brasília Area, Brazil

Descrição da vaga

Technology enabled Pharma-healthcare start up company with technology and process innovation, promoted by Medical doctors turned successful serial entrepreneurs looking for chief Brand & Marketing Innovation Officer to spread the innovation with passion.

Business Model has strength to be a most successful start up globally, continuing customer acquisition with more than 99% success rate for targeted customer segments.

Company has received Expression of Interest from leading Global investors for a record big funding before launching the operation.

Desired Candidate: Passionate aggressive strategic marketing person with a fair understanding about Pharma & Healthcare industry operations in Brazil.

Should be responsible for building inbound marketing campaigns to support technology innovation digitally.

Must have an ability to convert audience in to the brand ambassadors to amplify the diffusion of innovation across the border with local flavors.

Sales and Marketing automation with forecast accuracy and geographical expansion for the quality products of quality driven manufactures is our goal.

Enabling Quality driven Pharmaceutical companies to expand geographically across the borders and Global Pharmacies to manage pharmacy businesses with minimum working capital is our mission.

Benefits to Candidate: Successful candidate will be honored with respect, Salary of $200-400K per annum + Bonus+ Holidays


Joining Date: 31st March 2016.

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Key Recruiter – Executives at Keypeople
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Índia

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