Vice President — Latin America – SP

Vice President — Latin America



Sao Paulo

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We at Ashoka (and all of us!) are facing a historical moment. For generations, society has followed a siloed, hierarchical approach to solving challenges and has been defined by repetitive efficiency (think assembly line). But this approach is falling short when it comes to the number and complexity of the shared problems we now face. So a new game is taking shape – one where change is the norm, and where the most open, fluid systems and teams thrive. In this game the rules are different (in fact they are still being created!) but one is paramount: everyone can and must be able to play, and to drive positive change. This is the ‘Everyone A Changemaker™’ vision that Ashoka is working toward and it is our best hope for building a world where problems no longer outrun solutions.

We have a powerful opportunity for an imaginative, collaborative entrepreneur. Ashoka is looking for a Diamond Leader (VP) for Latin America to lead how Ashoka organizes around mindset shifting.  You will grapple with such questions as: How do big ideas catch on broadly across society? What can we learn from our extraordinary network of Ashoka Fellow about establishing new patterns and norms? How can we accelerate toward the Everyone A Changemaker™ world, prioritizing key skills such as empathy-based ethics, creativity, teamwork, and leadership? Who must also be having this conversation with us and for us? Candidates will inspire staff to be the most effective coaches of their carefully selected teams and will identify the most impactful opportunities for Ashoka to achieve its goals. In order to do so they must have led a pattern change or mindset shift of their own

Working in concert with Ashoka’s Global Leadership Group, the Diamond Leader will have the opportunity to:

  • Select partner organizations to leverage the power of Ashoka’s network, insights and framework into “new game” business models, structures and messages
  • Engage with teams on the framework: Help Ashoka’s carefully selected partners from media, education systems, corporations, social entrepreneurs, and government-see their role in this new framework
  • Co-create a global storytelling movement that encourages the sharing of stories of exemplary “new game” behavior, including breaking down walls between sectors to form problem-solving partnerships, the enabling of passive victims and onlookers to active changemakers, and systems approach to solution development.
  • Participate in strategic decision making that affects Ashoka’s growth globally and leverage Ashoka’s vast network in 80+ countries

Competências e experiência desejadas

The Diamond Leader should have a track record of creating new ideas that have resulted in a systemic change in his/her field. He/she should believe deeply in the power of social entrepreneurship and understand Ashoka’s Everyone A Changemaker™ vision. He/she should also have the following characteristics/experience :

  • A track record of innovating solutions and successfully bringing them to fruition
  • Demonstrated ability in major client/partner relationship management, fundraising, resource mobilization, and balanced budget management
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively with a wide array of partners across all sectors
  • Proven ability to lead through influence and ideas
  • Strong social/emotional intelligence and leadership ability to inspire, enable, and integrate a very entrepreneurial team with respect and
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