ILI Field Technician – Taquara/RJ

ILI Field Technician

Empresa : Python

Job Overview


T.D. Williamson, Inc. (TDW) was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1920 as an electrical contracting firm serving the emerging petroleum industry’s needs for power. With over 55 locations worldwide, including offices in Canada, United States, Singapore, India, Norway, Belgium, TDW is the premier pressurized piping maintenance company in the oil and gas industry. We design and manufacture engineered solutions for monitoring, pigging, tapping, plugging, and inspecting essential piping systems. TDW products and services are recognized as standards of excellence around the world. The company is globally recognized for professional integrity, quality products, innovative technologies and high regard for customer relationships by standing behind the strongest product warranty in the industry.


Supervise operation of in line inspection equipment during service work assignments to assure safe and proper use of equipment and satisfactory completion of the job, and prepare analysis and reports on the data collected, in accordance with established quality control procedures.

Relationships with others:

Reports to ILI Service Center Manager.

Maintains good relations with the personnel who represent our customers on job site.

Ensures customer’s representatives are properly informed of TDW operating requirements, for safest and most efficient completion of projects.

Performs handling, assembly, operations, benchmarking, and disassembly of ILI equipment during field and according to written instructions.

Keeps up-to-date on all equipment maintenance and operational procedures to ensure safe, proper maintenance and use of equipment and satisfactory completion of job.

Defines in the field if data obtained is acceptable and makes decision as to whether or not a rerun is required.

Ensures prompt handover of all survey documentation and data to the Data Analyst.

Complies with TDW and customer safety standards and procedures, and stops any work utilizing TDW equipment when unsafe conditions exist that threaten equipment, property damage or bodily injury.

Ensures timely completion of required paperwork.

Performs other tasks as may be required from time to time by upper management.

Assists in recommending, procuring, and inspection of equipment and materials required for the operation of the business in accordance with established quality control procedures.

Performs routine and preventative maintenance on inspection equipment (mechanical or electronic) to ensure desired field performance.

Reviews project requirements, and makes any necessary tool modifications.


Bachelor’s degree strictly required. Candidates with Engineering degree will be considered first.

At least 3 years of experience in a technical field position in the oil & gas industry.

Valid driver’s license.

Willing to travel extensively and work irregular schedules.

Advanced verbal and written communication skills in English.

Valid passport and U.S. Visa.


Has acquired knowledge and skills required to obtain the certification level corresponding to Field Technician Level I, II or III, as stated in the Knowledge/Skills Inventory section of the Technician Training Manual.

When level II or III, able to work and train less experienced Field Technicians.

When level III, able to establish techniques and procedures necessary to complete inline inspections and to interpret codes and standards to ensure inspection meets customer requirements.

Spanish verbal and written communication.

Location: Taquara

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